Product Manuals

Check below for the specific product manual for your welder, multi process unit, plasma cutter or accessory. Be sure to fully read the complete manual before you start connecting your unit for service or do any actual welding. Included in the manuals are special notes about welding safety, operation and care of your unit. Didn't find what you are looking for?  Give us a call at 877-755-9353. We'll be glad to help!

In addition to the various manuals, we also offer product brochures located on the details page of each product item. All files are in PDF format. You can download a PDF reader here.

Multi Process: TIG/Stick/Plasma
Product Manual File Size
CT series(MOSFET) TIG, STICK, PLASMA Pre June 2009 821.47 KB
PowerPro S Series 205, 256 (2013-June 2015) 4.58 MB
PowerPro 164 (2013-June 2015) 3.23 MB
PowerPro 164Si Digital (Late 2015-Present) 4.52 MB
PowerPro 205Si Digital Control (Mid 2015 to Present) 4.51 MB
PowerPro 256D (2014-Present) 4.43 MB
PowerPro 256Si Digital Control (July 2015 to Present) 4.54 MB
PowerPRO and PowerUltra Series Late 2009-2012 rev. May'12 2.29 MB
PowerPRO (Master) and PowerUltra Series(Steel case) - 2008-2009 3.66 MB
PowerUltra 206Pi with Pulse (2016 to Present) 3.86 MB
PowerUltra Series 205P, 250P 2.56 MB
Super (MOSFET) 164,205, 256 Pre-June 2009 883.14 KB
SuperUltra 206i (June 2016 until Present) 3.67 MB
SuperUltra 205 (2011-Present) 2.79 MB
MIG Guns
Product Manual File Size
MIG Torch TBI 150 (Trafimet/Binzel) Power i MIG 160/200 (some 140 models) 450.32 KB
Plasma Torches
Product Manual File Size
Plasma Torch A101 (Trafimet) New style High Frequency 100 amps+ 180.94 KB
Plasma Torch A81(Trafimet) New Style High Frequency 60-80 amps 464.46 KB
Plasma Torch S-45 (Trafimet) 40/50 amp (Blow Back Start) 467.83 KB
Plasma Torch A141 (Trafimet) High Frequency, opt. torch 537.83 KB
Plasma Torch S-75 (Trafimet) Blow Back S series units 60,70,80 amps Jan 13 283.6 KB
Plasma Torch S-45 AutoCut (CNC) S45 (Blow Back start) 3.84 MB
MIG Welders
Product Manual File Size
Power i-MIG 275S (2016-Present) 7.65 MB
Power i-MIG 140E (2014-Present) 4.3 MB
Power i-MIG 200 (2015-Present) 5.2 MB
Power i-MIG 205 (2015-Jan 2016) 5.37 MB
Power i-MIG 210/Large Case Power i-MIG 205 (Jan 2016-Present) 8.29 MB
Power i-MIG 230i (Jan. 2017 to Present) 7.41 MB
Power i-MIG 250 (2014-Present) 4.2 MB
Power i-MIG 275P (Jan 2016 to Present) 8.68 MB
Power i-MIG Series 1.12 MB
TIG Welders
Product Manual File Size
Power i-TIG 200T Digital (2013-Present) 3.59 MB
Power i-TIG 201 Digital (Late 2015 to Present) 3.72 MB
Power TIG Series Nov 2009 2.65 MB
Power i-TIG 200 (Analog) (Jan 2011 to Late 2015) 2.29 MB
PowerTIG 185 2009-2013 2.03 MB
PowerTIG 185 DV (2013-2015) 2.65 MB
PowerTIG 185 DV Digital (2016 to Present) 2.84 MB
PowerTIG 200DV (DX-DV) (2013-Late 2015) 3.51 MB
PowerTIG 200DV digital control ( 2015-Present) 4.41 MB
PowerTIG 210EXT, 1 Knob Version (Mid-2014 to Present) 4.11 MB
PowerTig 250/315EXT - Dec 2011 1.82 MB
PowerTIG 250EX (2013-Mid 2015) 4.19 MB
PowerTIG 250EX Digital (September 2015-Present) 4.39 MB
PowerTIG 255EXT rev. (Nov. 2014-Present) 4.25 MB
PowerTIG 255EXT/325EXT 2013 model - Jan 2013 3.68 MB
PowerTIG 325EXT (2015-Present) 4.14 MB
PowerTIG 350EXT (January 2017 until Present) 5.71 MB
PowerTIG and PowerITIG Series - Jan 2009 2.49 MB
Stick Welders
Product Manual File Size
PowerARC 140ST (2013-Present) 1.93 MB
PowerARC 160STH (2013-Present) 2.41 MB
PowerARC 200ST (2013-Present) 2.13 MB
PowerARC 280STH (2014-Present) 3.14 MB
PowerARC 300 (2013-Present) 2.52 MB
PowerARC 300ST (Jan 2016 to Present) 3.06 MB
PowerARC Series includes 140/140ST, 160STH, 200/200ST, and 300 1.17 MB
Multi Process: MIG/TIG/Stick
Product Manual File Size
PowerMTS Multi Process 160/200S 2010-early 2013 (Non foot pedal version) 1.91 MB
PowerMTS 200/250S (foot pedal version) 2013 (Also 2012 PowerMTS 210S) 2.75 MB
PowerMTS 211Si (Jan. 2016 - Present) 10.73 MB
PowerMTS 221STi (With AC/DC TIG) (July 2017 to Present) 8.49 MB
PowerMTS 251Si 4 roll drive (Jan 2016-Present) 10.43 MB
PowerMTS 252STi (with AC/DC TIG) (Jan 2018 to Present) 8.74 MB
PowerMTS 400 Jan 2010 1.74 MB
Product Manual File Size
PowerMTS 221STi (July 2017 to Present) 8.49 MB
Plasma Cutters
Product Manual File Size
PowerPlasma 50S (2015 - Presnt) 2.79 MB
PowerPlasma 60S, 80S, 100S with Innotec iPT torch (Mid-2015 to Present) 3.1 MB
PowerPlasma 60S/70S/80S (2013 to late 2015) 1.93 MB
PowerPlasma 50,60,70,80,100/SuperCut 40/50 (Nov 2009 - Nov 2012) 2.54 MB
CUT D/Super Cut Series Pre-June 2009 509.73 KB
SuperCut 50/50P (2011-Present) 2.08 MB
SuperCut 51P (2016 to Present) 2 MB
(Not categorized)
Product Manual File Size
PowerTIG 200DV Digitally Controlled (Late 2015-Present) 1.63 MB
Water Coolers
Product Manual File Size
Water Cooler W300 1.14 MB