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PowerPlasma 52i

5 year
High Output
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SKU: PP-52i
$949.00 You Save - $160.00
Dimensions: 16 in × 7 in × 13 in
Weight: 32 lb
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PowerPlasma 52i
PowerPlasma 52i
PowerPlasma 52i
PowerPlasma 52i

For customers looking for a compact, but reliable plasma cutter, the PowerPlasma 52i offers the latest in IGBT inverter design technology.  The PowerPlasma 52i is the successor to the popular and long running PowerPlasma 50S series which brought affordability and performance to the plasma cutter market place and gave customers a real choice.  Nothing has changed in that respect about the new PowerPlasma 52i.   The new PowerPlasma 52i has been completely redesigned though, offering full digital design, inside and out.  This has reduced circuit complexity, and improved reliability.    But it has also brought some new features which improve upon the solid platform of the PowerPlasma Series.   The new addition of the air-pressure guide system, offers digital display of actual air-pressure along with a LED system that guides the operator to the best choice of air pressure for the mode being used.   This new setup also features a digital control over Post-Flow and gives the user the ability to see and set the actual post flow time with a digital readout. It can be adjusted for different duty and job requirements. The Post-Flow can be easily increased to preserve consumable life for those long, time consuming cuts.  Or if you are doing rapid, short, or intermittent cuts, the Post-Flow time can be adjusted lower by just a quick twist of the dial.  The large digital displays are super bright, with improved visibility in bright conditions, making them easy to read at a distance.  Adding to the already long list of improvements, the PowerPlasma 52i, now has a gouge feature and a separate mode for CNC use.  The blow-back torch design features two pilot arc modes, one with continuous re-light for cutting expanded metal and for conditions where continuity is not ideal, and the other which features a tip saver function that limits pilot arc on time to preserve consumable life.

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