multiprocess welder

PowerTIG 255EXT

5 year
High Output
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$2,499.00 You Save - $249.00
Weight: 67 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 9.5 in × 15 in
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PowerTIG 255EXT
PowerTIG 255EXT
PowerTIG 255EXT
PowerTIG 255EXT

If you are looking to take your shop or business to the next level in TIG welding capability, the digital inverter-based PowerTIG 255EXT delivers exceptional power and performance at a budget friendly price.   In fact, the PowerTIG 255EXT not only has a long list of competitive features but also unique features that distinguishes it from the competition.  You'll find surprisingly comptetive performance when comparing feature to feature against the competition such as memory, pulse and wave forms thanks to the digital microprocessor. When you compare the additional features and the price advantage the welder offers such as the advanced AC pulse and stick performance features such as hot start and arc force control , the PowerTIG 255EXT really stands on it's on.  Advanced pulse is a new feature introduced on the digital PowerTIG  units which improves top and low end performance on Aluminum.  It can be set up to increase penetration on thick aluminum up to 25% over what is traditionally accepted as the maximum limit for the maximum output of the welder.   Two "Easy Start Up" modes also add to the units versatility while keeping operation simple. The unit also excels as a stick welder featuring hot start time, hot start intensity and arc force control adjustments, making it a perfect welder for E6010 or E7018 welding.  Everything on the AC/DC pulse TIG welder has been carefully designed for maximum life and repairability down the road with componentized design and IGBT module components from name brand manufacturers.  This make diagnosis and repair a simple and easy process.  Several new features have been recently released.  The spot weld timer feature allows the operator to make perfect, consistent spot welds when tacking up or welding sheet metal.  The unit also has a more convenient way to purge gas and set gas without initiating arc flow with a dedicated purge button.   Most importantly the PowerTIG 255EXT operates on 120V or 240V.  Maximum output during 120V operation is 150 Amps for TIG, and 120 Amps for stick.

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