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Typhoon 230

5 year
High Output
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SKU: TYP-230
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Weight: 58 lb
Dimensions: 28 in × 9.75 in × 18 in
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Typhoon 230
Typhoon 230
Typhoon 230
Typhoon 230
Typhoon 230

After several years of research, customer input and technological design work, Everlast has developed and released its new top-tier Typhoon class of TIG/Stick welders.  Designed to compete head to head in the next generation of elite level AC/DC TIG and Stick welding products, the Typhoon 230 offers one of the best combinations of features and specifications  for true next-level performance.  The new Typhoon 230  begins by setting a new class standard with 70% duty cycle  at maximum output. It also leads the class with it's new, large 5.1" HD LCD screen (diagnonal full measurement) with crystal-clear resolution and brightness. The unit features a sharp, high contrast layout of functions and parameters on a single screen layout  which is almost completely devoid of complicated and hard to access hidden menus. This means that all your settings are visible at a glance, without having to recall pop ups or separate screens through complicated multi-button presses or sequences. The panel layout keeps controls simple and to the point with intuitive, easy-to-select and adjust functions. The new functions of  Amplitude control in AC and split positive and negative wave form control offer astounding advances of tungsten life, arc quality and stability over older wave form technology.  The Typhoon has five AC wave forms, Advanced Square, Soft Square, Triangular, Sine and Trapezoidal wave forms, that are available to offer the maximum level of puddle and bead control while welding Aluminum. With expanded memory option up to 30 programs and the abilty to lock down programmed settings to prevent tampering, the unit helps customers maintain quality control levels where multiple users are present or where a WPS is in place. Other performance-driven features such as  DC pulse wave form shaping and a new type of solid state HV/HF starting for TIG secures the Typhoon 230's place as a premier, next level TIG welder in all metals categories. 

Not only is The Typhoon 230 a premier TIG welder, it  is also a top-level stick welder with features such as AC and DC stick output, with adjustable AC balance and Frequency, and excellent 6010 performance.  It also has arc force control (dig) and hot start adjustment to combine to run E7018 as smooth as any welder out there.  The combination of the features makes this unit perfect for welding out in the field or in the shop doing fabrication and production welding. The unit has up to 200Amp Stick output at 70% duty cycle which means this unit is perfect for running root, fill and cap passes.

As a welder, the Typhoon also has other features that aren't readily apparent, but found on the inside such as high Power Factor Correction (PFC) which allows the unit to be more "forgiving" on generator power sources and consume less power overall.  The unit's ability to operate on 120V or 240V improves usefulness where the power availability may be unknown on a job site. New fan and cooler control technology allows the fans and water cooler to run only when needed.

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