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Lightning MTS 275 with TIG Package

5 year
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$3,499.00 You Save - $999.00
Weight: 84 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 11 in × 21 in
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Lightning MTS 275 with TIG Package
Lightning MTS 275 with TIG Package
Lightning MTS 275 with TIG Package
Lightning MTS 275 with TIG Package

The Lightning MTS 275 is the latest in the MIG/TIG/STICK line of welders to feature AC/DC TIG welding capability.  This new unit features revised synergic function now called "Power Set" and now includes auto set parameters for all three modes.   The 275 Amp unit excels not only in features, it also excels with performance.  The new design allows the user to view most all relevant settings simulaneously.  This reduces scrolling effort and allows near instantaneous adjustment of all common parameters in use.  The PowerSET function allows the customer to enter basic operating parameters in MIG, TIG, or Stick mode, and automatically selects the proper Amps and Volts (where applicable) for the user, as well as a few other possible adjustments.  This new unit also features a Flux-Core mode for operation with most common types of Flux Core wire (without gas/self shielding).   As powerful as the welder is, it is also capable of operating on 120V if the unit needs to be carried to the work. Of course, you'll have reduced output, but you will not suffer for lack of available duty cycle.   As far as operating duty cycle at full-tilt output, the machine musters a respectable 35% duty cycle in MIG and TIG modes. Stick mode yields an impressive 60% duty cycle at maximum amperage. Stepping down just a notch on power, in both MIG, and TIG modes at 250 Amps, you'll have a heavy industrial rating of 60% duty cycle.   Stepping down slightly for Stick, at 160 Amps, you'll have 100% Duty Cycle available.    Add the PowerCool 400 for a convenient, stacked design to complete this welder.

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