Hurricane MTS 220-C

Hurrican MTS 220-C
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Hurricane MTS 220-C
Hurricane MTS 220-C
Hurricane MTS 220-C

The Hurricane MTS 220-C is a true Multi-Process welder. In fact it is one of the first of its kind on the market with the ability to both weld  and cut in the same compact unit.  The unit actually offers you the abilility to MIG weld, AC/DC TIG weld, DC Stick Weld or Plasma Cut with a simple torch change and button press. The unit has the perfect size to be a serious contender for use in portable repair and general light fabrication operations.

Because of the Plasma capability, the unit can be taken anywhere and you'll always have what you need.  You'll never need to load extra machines, or go off wishing you had brought something else to the jobsite. The right tool for the job is always at hand. With up to 225A of MIG and TIG welding power, you'll be able to weld most common items encountered in the field up to 5/16" in a single pass and up to 3/8 to 1/2" multi-pass.   The 40A plasma offers enough cutting power to cut up to 1/2" cleanly and the ability to sever even more.

Due to the IGBT inverter design, the machine is compact enough to be placed in most service bodies for transport and can hold up to an 8" roll of wire, which is approximately 10 to 12 lbs of wire capacity.  It's light enough to be picked up and transported by one person without the need for special loading equipment.  The duty cycle of 35% at maximum output means the unit is ready for use and service without encountering long delays or interruptions in operation in every day welding activities.

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