multiprocess welder

PowerTIG 185DV

5 year
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$899.00 You Save - $180.00
Weight: 40 lb
Dimensions: 20 in × 7 in × 12 in
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PowerTIG 185DV
PowerTIG 185DV
PowerTIG 185DV
PowerTIG 185DV

For the extra go anywhere capability, the Everlast PowerTIG185 DV delivers dual voltage capability that will enable you to operate virtually anywhere a power outlet is present.  The digitally controlled IGBT inverter of PowerTIG 185DV delivers a smooth, steady arc, as good as any unit in it's class.  The PowerTIG 185DV features both AC/DC TIG pulse welding capability along with a stick welding function.  The TIG Pulse function is simple to control and use with 2 pre-programmed settings that offer the choice of operating at 1 pulse per second, or at 50 pulses per second.  It's designed to be another "tool" in your tool kit when welding metal.  When the welder is compared to similar products from Miller or Lincoln, the PowerTIG 185DV offers the widest range of adjustment, and the best duty cycle.  The digitally controlled inverter retains the analog style input, making it a favorite for those users that like to "see" all their settings at a glance. This welder is perfect for pet projects around the shop, or a go anywhere portable unit you throw in the truck, when you don't know quite what to expect when you get to the jobsite.

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