multiprocess welder

PowerMTS 400

5 year
High Output
Dimensions: 25 in × 11 in × 21 in
Weight: 105 lb
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PowerMTS 400
PowerMTS 400
PowerMTS 400
PowerMTS 400

As part of the MIG, TIG and Stick line from Everlast, the  PowerMTS 400 falls into the CC/CV power source class.  This means that the inverter power supply is not incorporated into the wire feeder section.  This allows the unit to be used exlusively for one type of operation for maximum portability.  The main unit of the PowerMTS feeds power directly into a separate wire feeder for MIG, making extremely convenient to port around on large job sites.  The unit can be used for stick welding as well, and features hot start and arc force control strong enough to burn in any root pass with E6010, or any 6010 variation such as 5P+ without sticking or the arc trying to extinguish.  This unit is made for industrial and commercial applications and smaller welding shops as well.  The dual voltage, dual phase technology allows the unit to be used with single phase 240V or three phase 240V (output is decreased on 240V  single phase).   With up to 400 amps of welding power @ 60% Duty Cycle thisindustrial unit doesn't quit.  Compared feature to feature with other CC/CV powersource-MIG systems on the market such as XMT® from Miller and Invertec® from Lincoln, the unit packs more overall features and performance at a price that is well less than the competition.  The basic design of the unit includes special settings for scatch start TIG, Flux-Core, MIG, Stick.  A separate setting for Air-Carbon Arc Gouging/Cutting is also provided.  The PowerMTS 400 have been carried onto oil platforms, pipelines, and into fabrication shops and portable repair buisnesses. The potted and coated boards and terminals protect the electronics from damage and corrosion from the elements.   As a complete package, the PowerMTS 400 comes with wire feeder, clamps, cables, torches, and even a convenient welding cart.  Even if you don't need it all, and need only the MIG feature, this unit works well as a stand alone unit in any shop or or on any worksite.

Optional Accessory: Welding Remote Hand Control for Stick (Special order, contact Everlast for lead time).

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