multiprocess welder

PowerTIG 210EXT

5 year
High Output
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$1,799.00 You Save - $260.00
Weight: 62 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 9.5 in × 15 in
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PowerTIG 210EXT
PowerTIG 210EXT
PowerTIG 210EXT
PowerTIG 210EXT

If you are wondering what having digital microprocessor control can mean, just ask anyone who has used it.  The benefits are numerous, whether its increased productivity, or increased weld quality, or the ability to make precise settings, and fine tune them to the exact standards required.  This is all part of the benefit of owning a PowerTIG 210 EXT.  This TIG/Stick welder from Everlast also features IGBT inverter technology which offers the best in arc stablity and performance while reducing size and weight.  The unit features wave form control with three distinct wave forms: Advanced Square wave, Soft Square wave, and Triangular.  These help to offer flexibility while welding Aluminum.  But that's just part of the story.  This TIG/Stick welder also features programmable memory, adjustable AC Frequency, and adjustable AC balance control.  It also works quite well as a stick welder featuring items like adjustable hot start and arc force control for maximum welding flexibility.  The heavy duty HF arc start design reduces traditional HF component maintenance issues.  The unit also features two pulse modes, standard and advanced pulse.  In the advanced pulse mode the welder oscillates between AC and DC- polarity allowing fine fast freeze control on thin gauge aluminum, and greater penetration on thick plate aluminum.   Although the unit may seem quite complex in its list of features, it's really quite simple due in part to the intuitive design which leads to quick and easy to setup whether you are a welding professional or just an enthusiast.

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