multiprocess welder

TIG/Plasma Type Welder Cover

$99.00 You Save - $40.00
Price: $99.00

Welders aren't cheap and they are an investment.  So, take care of it.  This cover will help keep your unit new looking.  It also protects the unit from scratches in storage and keeps out most unwanted dirt and debris. You do not need to remove cables or fittings to install this cover.   Never operate unit with cover installed. This is designed to fit  large TIG, Stick and Plasma Units with new style case featuring Black Carry Handle and clear, flip down front protective cover. Not for Older Pre-2013 PowerTIG 210EXT, New PowerTIG 315LX, or PowerTIG 35EXT.  

Fits the following units: PowerArc 280STH, PowerArc 300ST, PowerTIG 200DV, PowerTIG 210EXT, PowerTIG 250EX, PowerTIG 255EXT, PowerTIG 325EXT, PowerPlasma 60S, PowerPlasma 80S, PowerPlasma 100S, PowerPro 164Si, PowerPro 205Si, PowerPro 256D, PowerPro 256Si

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