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EV6500ATS Diesel Generator

1 year
Price: $3,399.00

The EV6500ATS generator is an economical emergency power backup system with Automatic transfer for times when power is desparately needed.  The unit features a fuel sipping, reliable diesel engine which provides day long operation on a single tank of fuel.  This enclosed quiet unit is ideal for operating electric lights, refridgerators, freezers and small home appliances with 120V/240V output.  The unit features electric remote start,  Auto voltage regulation,  quiet 65 dba operation with the direct injection 11 hp diesel and a low tone muffler.  An hour meter, is included to help keep track of operating hours between servicing.  Note: This unit is not considered clean power and should not be used on sensitive electronic equipment such as TV's, computers, or inverter welders.

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