multiprocess welder

Thunder 215 with TIG Package

5 year
$1,499.00 You Save - $100.00
Weight: 60 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 9 in × 17 in
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Thunder 215 with TIG Package
Thunder 215 with TIG Package
Thunder 215 with TIG Package
Thunder 215 with TIG Package

For customers looking for a compact DC Multi-process machine with plenty of power, efficiency and versatility, the Everlast Thunder 215 is a clear winner.  While there are a number of competitors in it's class of multi-process welders, the Thunder offers an overall better value overall while offering more features and functions in every process and does so at a competitive price and outstanding 5 year warranty.  The unit features 215A maximum output for TIG and MIG with a great duty cycle of 35% at 200A.

The Thunder 215 has a 4.3" HD full-color LCD screen which offers excellent readability with high contrast background and large lettering.  It features on-screen reminders for polarity, voltage and even welding gas.  The unit offers simple controls with clear intuitive control and navigation of  the on-screen parameters. The machine has no hidden menus that pop up.  All setup is done on one screen. There is one additional screen.  That is the programming screen that is accessed with the program/save button. This brings up the program screen once you are ready to save all your settings. The programs can both be easily customized by name via a on-screen keyboard and can be locked to prevent tampering. The unit also allows users in regions using metric values to switch over to the metric nomenclature so that confusion in crossing over settings and adjustment values is eliminated.

When comparing the MIG functions against competitors, the Thunder 215 delivers smooth, capable performance that can be tailored to the user's specific needs. With advanced parameters like Pre-Flow, Post-Flow, Spot/Stitch timer, Burn Back Control and Inductance, each parameter has a generous range of adjustment so that the unit can be dialed-in precisely for the user's application.  

TIG performance is not compromised either.  Its competitors often force you to use a gas valve torch. The Thunder 215 features High Frequency starting, built in gas solenoid, and foot pedal control which includes a supplied foot pedal. However, if you prefer lift start, with or without a gas valve solenoid control or foot pedal, this unit can be used in this configuration as well. With 2T/4T and remote control functions this unit works equally well with a foot pedal, remote start, or even with a stream lined  "TIG Rig" approach. TIG performance is further complimented with a fully adjustable pulse function and good pulse range adjustment.

For customers that need the Stick function with the Thunder 215, the unit features anti-stick and VRD for advanced functions.  The VRD is required on some jobsites to reduce the OCV to save levels.  Anti-stick helps to make stuck rod removal much easier, by reducing the output if the rod sticks in the weld.  Other features include arc force control and hot start adjustments for improving arc reaction and weld consistency.  The unit also allows the user to weld with almost any rod and provides a special E6010 setting for cellulose flux type rods.

Of course, if the user needs a much simpler welder, the Thunder can operate in a simplified mode in the Synergic PowerSet mode which reduces the need for operator knowledge and skill.  The user only needs to know the metal thickness, the metal type and wire diameter to set up the unit.  The machine will automatically compute these inputs and will set the machine automatically at an ideal setting. The unit uses a graphical representation of the setting and allows the user to fine tune the arc properties with a visual guide.  




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