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PowerCart 250

SKU: PC250-M
6 months
Weight: 38 lb
Price: $149.00
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PowerCart 250

This medium duty cart is designed to fit a wide variety and combination of Everlast welders and water coolers.  It has a three tiers of shelves, with the top shelf being angled for easier access and viewing of welding panel.  The bottom shelf is wide enough to accomodate the water cooler.  The TIG torch coolant lines to the water cooler may need to be lengthened by the customer to reach the bottom shelf, depending upon the torch manufacturer.  The center shelf is ideal for holding spool guns, rolls of filler wire, welding electrodes, TIG wire, regulators, and even clamps and hammers if needed. Additional "loops" hold cables and hoses on the side of the cart.  The rear deck on the cart can hold full size gas cylinders and comes with adjustable safety chain.   Cart comes fully disassembled.  Assembly time is approximately 30 minutes and requires the customer to have basic tools at hand to complete the assembly, which include screwdrivers, small adjustable wrench and pliers.  Note: small details of carts appearance/construction subject to change without notice.

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