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PowerArc 280STH

5 year
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$1,189.00 You Save - $240.00
Weight: 60 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 9.5 in × 15 in
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PowerArc 280STH
PowerArc 280STH
PowerArc 280STH
PowerArc 280STH

The PowerARC 280STH is the most advanced Stick welder that Everlast has ever offered. It is a fully digital DC Stick/TIG machine with TIG pulse capability (up to 250Hz).    It features excellent stick arc performance with cellulose, iron powder, and low hydrogen welding rods.  This means that the unit easily handles E6010, E 6011, E6013, E7014, E7018, and even stainless 309L or 316L electrodes thanks to the adjustable hot start and arc force controls.   A VRD function lowers OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) when the unit is being used in stick mode on jobsites  that require it a VRD be fitted for safety or in any environment where electrocution of the user while welding is possible.  The unit also features full TIG capabilities for welding Steel, Chrome Moly, Stainless, Titanium and about any weldable metal except Aluminum and Magnesium.  2T/4T Tig controls allows the user the option of using the unit with or without a foot pedal in TIG mode.  It also features HF start TIG, and lift start TIG so the user has the ability to work in HF sensitive environments.  A built in gas solenoid, with adjustable pre and post gas flow controls  allow the unit to automatically control gas flow without the use of a manual gas valve located on the torch.  With up to 250 amps Stick, and 280 amps of TIG welding power, the PowerARC 280STH is designed to function equally well with both Stick and TIG processes.  It clearly belongs in the PowerArc line as it is a perfect fit for pipelines, fab shops, and  anywhere one or both processes might be needed to complete the job.  

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