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PowerArc 300ST

5 year
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Weight: 60 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 9.5 in × 15 in
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PowerArc 300ST
PowerArc 300ST
PowerArc 300ST
PowerArc 300ST

Need pure stick welding power and need lots of it in a small package? Need a DC TIG welder for those projects that require portability and power?  No problem. The all new PowerARC 300 ST from Everlast can fill the need with 300 amps of DC Stick and TIG welding power.   Pick a welding rod, and it can handle it, up to 1/4" in diameter.  Welding with the DC lift TIG function, you can easily weld material up to and over 1/2" thick.  It even has a special  port dedicated to welding with E6010 rod class and handles 5P, 5P+ and 5P++ welding rods perfectly.   This IGBT inverter stick and TIG welder also comes equipped with adjustable hot start intensity and adjustable arc force control when welding in Stick mode.  In the TIG mode, you can easily start the arc with the lift TIG feature.  The stick hot start and arc force control adjustments allow you to tailor the arc to perform just as you need it, and work better out of position when close arc gaps are required. If you are a pipeliner, or in a fab shop this unit will give you everything you need to weld steel and stainless.  When comparing machines, keep in mind that the PowerARC 300ST is suitable for industrial performance and use with a duty cycle of 60% and 1 and 3 phase 240V capability. (480V 3 phase available as special built to  order.  Contact Everlast for details.)

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