Terms of Sale and Standard Warranty Statement


We want to welcome you to the growing Platinum Circle of Everlast customers.  As part of our family circle,  we extend to you one of the best and most fair warranty policies in the industries.  We even include shipping!  We want you to rest easy knowing that if you need it, you can take advantage of your Platinum Circle Warranty. See the Information below for Terms of Sale, Warranty Details and other information.


Everlast (USA only) Terms of Sale, Warranty, and Service sold on or after 3-1-2022.

(Models sold before this date are covered by the warranty in effect at the time of original sale and the terms of this warranty statement and sale do not apply.)

All customers should print or save a copy of this Warranty and Terms of Sale for your records and for future in case the warranty is needed. 



Any purchase of an Everlast Product shall indicate that the customer accepts and agrees to abide by and to be governed by all terms of sale and details and responsibilities associated with the warranty in this document.   If a customer does not agree to these terms, and provisions set forth, then the customer should not complete a purchase.

Due to Everlast’s continuing effort to offer a better overall product line, and in some cases changes in the supply chain or manufacturing process, all specifications, details, descriptions, package contents and product appearance are change without notice.  This may mean that a product may change slightly from what is depicted in printed format or on this website.  This also means that accessories, consumables, and equipment included in the unit sale, may vary, or may be substituted with equivalent or better ones.  Everlast regularly updates the website and print information, however some changes or variations in the product may take place before all information has been updated. If there are any customer concerns or questions about the product specifications, accessories, or other product detail, these should be addressed by the customer before the purchase is completed.  

Start by downloading the latest version of the manual from the product page and reading it   to answer any questions regarding installing the unit, operating the unit, or general questions about specifications before you complete the purchase

Everlast intends that these products are to be used by knowledgeable, trained people and are designed for and intended for professional use by professionals in professional environments.  Due to housing and wiring codes, certain conditions exist in electrical wiring, and the welding environment that may restrict the use of the product in home or amateur environments without special additional wiring or safety considerations.  Everlast cannot be responsible for developmental training, conditions in the workplace environment, safe installation, or safe operation of this unit.  If you do not have the proper training, proper electrical wiring, or intent to source proper wiring and/or facilities do not complete the purchase. Always consult licensed electricians before attempting to install wiring for welders.  Always have the electrician consult Article 630 of the NEC for proper wiring information specifically dedicated to the wiring of welders and related devices. 

C.O.D. Charges:  Any customer requesting a C.O.D. shipment will incur a $30.00 C.O.D. Charge.  Any customer refusing delivery will be charged an additional fee and turned over to collections.

Refused Deliveries: In the event any product ordered by the customer is refused by the customer or his/her designated representative or turned back by the customer or his/her designated representative for reasons other than apparent major shipping damage, the customer will be billed for shipping back to and from the original shipping point (i.e., the warehouse).  The cost of shipping will be deducted from the original payment before credit will be issued.  The amount refunded will be less the cost of shipping the product both ways.


Arizona Customers: There will be a 8.37% sales tax charged on all purchases sold in Arizona. (Tax is not charged on shipping cost.) There will be no exceptions unless proper tax exemption documentation is provided.

California Customers:  There will be a 9.88% sales tax charged on all product purchases sold in California. (Tax is not charged on shipping cost.) There will be no exceptions unless proper tax exemption documentation is provided.

Texas Customers:  There will be a 8.25% sales tax charged on all product purchases sold in Texas.  (Tax is not charged on shipping cost.)  There will be no exceptions unless proper tax exemption documentation is provided.

Customs and Duties:

Everlast will not be responsible for paying customs and duties associated with the shipping of a unit to a foreign country. Nor will it pay for or arrange clearing of customs in foreign countries.  Any incurred charges, delays in shipping due to customs, etc. are the purchaser’s responsibility.

Purchases Outside the 48 Contiguous United States:

Customers should contact Everlast to receive a quote and arrange shipping details before purchase.




This warranty statement is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions listed below.  The warranty begins on the day of shipping unless some shipping delay or issue occurs.

Everlast warrants to the end user (original purchaser) that the product is free of defects in workmanship and material for the duration of the time-period described below. Everlast, at its discretion, reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the product (once returned, minus wear and tear evaluation), as remedy for the warranty. 

Due to Everlast’s desire to offer the most expedited service, Everlast also reserves the right to offer the opportunity for the customers to make simple repairs to the equipment themselves under the supervision of Everlast’s technical advisors with the aid of a detailed instructional guide. If the customer is deemed  capable, and  after consultation with a technical support advisor and subsequent evaluation and approval, a part may be shipped to the customer to perform the repair. The customer will agree to repair and fix it at his/her own expense and time.  Everlast will not reimburse for labor in these cases.  The plug and play, modular design of these welders enable this type of warranty relationship and can reduce down-time from possibly several weeks (including shipping time) to just a few days or hours. Many repairs of this nature only require the most basic tools and skill level. 

Everlast will not reimburse for be responsible for time loss, business loss, or other consequential or incidental causes as a result of failure, defect, or malfunction of this unit.

Consumables are warrantied only to be free of defects in workmanship and material at the time of delivery.  

This warranty is in lieu of all other existing warranties and is in effect only for products purchased on or after March 1, 2022.  All other claims of warranty, fitness for purpose, or merchantability are expressly denied.

This limited warranty only applies to new products sold directly through Everlast in the U.S.A.  or from an authorized U.S. distributor or retailer.  Products bought directly from “Warehouse deals”, previously returned items and resold by a company, liquidation dealers, salvage resellers, insurance claim bulk purchasers, and other similar points of purchase are considered “Used” and has no warranty.  Everlast in no way is responsible or obligated to provide warranty service on these units.

Please save an original receipt, along with a copy of your serial number as well for proof of ownership. This will be needed in the event a warranty claim is made.   If you do not receive a receipt for your purchase (either a physical receipt or an email copy via the email you provided) at the time of sale contact Everlast at 1-877 755-9353 ext 202.

This warranty only applies to models and accessories sold by Everlast and used in the USA and its territories. 

Any detected abuse, neglect of maintenance, improper wiring, or refusal to comply with the established warranty protocol/procedures shall render this warranty void.

NOTE: While the limited warranty is in effect for all products in all states and territories of the United States, certain limitations and exclusions apply for units sold and operated outside of the lower 48 states.  Please see the additional warranty details below or those exclusions.


Warranty Time Period.

5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on All IGBT Based Welding Products. 

This includes all “Power” Series products, Cyclone, Storm, Lightning, Typhoon, and any other product deemed to be an IGBT based product.  This also includes water-coolers. This specifically excludes ANY “Super” series units which are MOSFET based and are covered separately below.   This also specifically excludes any related products such as torches, regulators, foot pedals or accessory packaged with the welder, which is covered by a separately below.

3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on All MOSFET Based Welding Products.

This includes all “Super” Series products which are MOSFET based such as SuperCut and SuperUltra models. NOTICE: The IGBT Inverter technology incorporated in the product logo does not mean that the unit is an IGBT based unit, but rather is an intrinsic part of the Company logo and reflects the overall product goals of the company. This means that the “Super” series products should not be construed to mean they are IGBT based products because of the Company logo. The Super series are MOSFET based product which are entry level products for the Everlast Product line.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on NOVA Welding Accessories.

This includes all NOVA welding product including Torches, Foot Pedals, Slider Controls, Tables, Carts and Accessories unless otherwise detailed or excluded separately.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on Parker Guns/Accessories.

This includes Parker Spool Guns and Push-Pull Guns.

18 Month Parts and Labor Warranty on NOVA Wireless Foot Pedals.

This includes the NOVA Wireless Pedal and its related components.

6 Month Warranty on Everlast, gun, torches, carts, regulators accessories, and other equipment.

This includes all Everlast guns, torches, carts and equipment that come as part of any Everlast standard package that is included with the welder. This also includes any other item not listed as a welder, plasma cutter, multi-process unit, or water cooler. 

Consumable and Parts Warranty.

Items deemed to be Consumables or sold as “parts” such as drive rolls, fittings, connectors etc. are only warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of delivery. While Everlast strives to offer the best OEM replacement consumables, no warranty is made to the durability, or of fitness of application or function of the consumables.

Everlast Warranty Conditions and Procedures to Obtain Warranty Service and Repair.

Within 2 weeks (not counting national holidays or periods of closure) of discovery of a defect, failure or other malfunction in the product, the end user must contact Everlast Tech Support at 1-877-755-9353 ext. 207, or email at tech@everlastwelders.com to inform Everlast and undergo a diagnosis process to establish a warranty claim. Failure to do so may result in a delay in service or denial of warranty claim.  

Before approving a “Return Merchandise Authorization” the user must communicate with tech support and go through a limited diagnosis process to confirm the existence of an issue or defect.

After a diagnosis process, the decision will be made whether to offer the customer to attempt a self-repair or not.  If a self-repair is not an appropriate solution, and if it’s during the first three years of ownership of an IGBT unit, or the first year of ownership with a MOSFET unit, the unit will be returned at Everlast’s expense.  A return label will be provided during the warranty process.  If it is after this initial time period of ownership and for the duration of the warranty, the customer is responsible for the cost of the return.  However, if the customer desires, Everlast will assist in arranging a return if needed.  If the unit qualifies for free shipping, (or if the if the unit doesn’t qualify for free shipping but wants assistance with returning the unit) the customer should contact Everlast at 1-877-755-9353 ext. 202 for a shipping label before attempting to return the unit. Everlast will NOT reimburse for travel time, or time loss.   A “Return Merchandise Authorization” number will be issued. The customer must complete and include the related “RMA” form in the package.  If this form is not completed and included, this may result in delay of warranty repair, denial of warranty and may incur a subsequent charge to the customer for the repair. The offer to provide free shipping within the specified time period only applies to the lower 48 contiguous states and does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, FPO addresses, Canada, or any other country, territory or province. Any customer living in areas outside the 48 contiguous United States will be responsible for shipping both ways beginning the first day of the warranty period. However, Everlast may still choose to assist by shipping parts to the customer at the customers expense to make the repair without having to ship the unit back.

Everlast maintains and establishes its own service facilities and designates where a product will go for service.  The correct service facility address will be given at time of consultation by Everlast Technical Support. The product must be properly packaged (in the original boxes if possible) for return. It’s suggested that if the original packaging isn’t available that the unit be professionally packaged for return. Repairs to damage deemed to be from improper or careless packaging will be charged to the customer.  Once the repair has been completed by the service facility, the unit will be shipped back to the customer free of charge if it qualifies for free shipping during the free shipping period, if proper packaging has been provided. If new or proper packaging must be used the customer will be contacted to address the additional packaging cost. If the unit doesn’t qualify for free shipping, the customer will be contacted for instructions and payments regarding return shipping.

Everlast 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Pledge:

Everlast’s company goal is to maintain a high level of satisfaction with its product line.  If a product fails to perform as advertised, fails, malfunctions, or has an issue regarding shipping damage, the customer may return the unit within 30 days of purchase for a refund if the problem cannot be remedied or resolved.  However, to take advantage of this policy, the customer must give Everlast a chance to resolve or address this issue.  The customer should contact both the sales department at 877-755-9353 ext. 201, and/or the tech support department, to alert them of the issue or concern. If the issue cannot be resolved, a return will be authorized, and refund given once the package is received by Everlast.

If a genuine problem cannot be found or established, or Everlast has not been given an opportunity to address the issue, the customer may return the product but will incur a 20% restock fee.  In this case, the customer will not be reimbursed for shipping expenses to and from and the package must be properly packed.  A notice of return by the customer and a return authorization must still be issued by Everlast before returning the product.

After the 30-day policy Everlast will not accept returns for any reason.

6 Month Trade Up Policy:

From time to time a customer may realize that the unit purchased is too small or limited in function.  In these cases, a customer may contact Everlast sales and inquire about the possibility of trade-up.  This policy extends to 6 months from time of purchase.  The customer will incur 20% restock fee, plus any wear and tear on the unit, plus the cost of shipping, but will then pay the difference in the original sale price of the upgraded model. After the first 6 months no trade-ups will be considered. This is in no way to be construed as a “trade-in” policy.  If a trade-up is being considered, this should be determined as early as possible to minimize wear and tear considerations. After 6 months Everlast will not offer any trade up considerations.

Transfer of Warranty Policy:

Everlast hopes that every product will find its forever home with the original end user.  In fact, the warranty starts the day of shipping to the original purchaser.  However, there are times where circumstances exist that a product may be sold or inherited.  In those cases, the warranty may be transferred one time after initial ownership.  However, to avoid issues so frequent with theft, fraud and deception, the original owner (except in the case of death) must contact Everlast to establish the transfer of ownership.  The original purchaser must have the original receipt and serial number to establish the transfer.  In the case of death, or where the original purchaser may be incapacitated or otherwise not be available, this will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the subsequent owner.  If a transfer of ownership occurs, only the balance of time left on the warranty will apply and there will be no free shipping offered by Everlast during the balance of the warranty period should a warranty claim arise.

Warranty on Repairs:

A warranty on a repair shall last no longer than the remaining balance of time on the original warranty.  If a repair is made this does not “restart” the warranty period.  For example: If an IGBT unit is repaired at 4 years and 6 months, then the remaining warranty shall last no longer than 6 months to complete the full 5-year warranty.  The warranty period made on units after the initial warranty expires will be made directly by the repair center itself.

Warranty on Parts Purchased by Customer or Customer's Representative for Out of Warranty Repair or Maintenance:

Any part, including, but not limited to, electronic control boards, transformers, solenoids, potentiometers, IGBT's, Dioodes, gauges, tubing, wires, High Frequency Boards, Fans, switches, relays, displays, screens etc. purchased as replacement or extra stock parts by the customer or the customer's representative for repairs or maintenance for out of warranty units  (after the initial first owner warranty has fully expired) shall be warrantied for a period of 30 days after purchase. .This 30 day warranty also includes extra parts or surplus  "stock" parts purchased  by customer or customer's representative not intended for immediate warranty repair while the warranty period is in effect.