The latest improvements on the Power MTS 251Si

Given its pre-2016 release last year, the Power MTS 251Si immediately began selling out, as a replacement for the previous model Power MTS 250S. It had many of the features, but also added in pulse and a new designed panel for increased function and capability. One of the main features was the addition of High Frequency start to the TIG function, making it the first in the industry to do so.

Popular CK TIG torches worth considering - Part 3

Between the flexloc and the trim line series, these two lines of TIG torches account for the majority of our TIG torch sales from CK-Worldwide.Obviously they offer more, and we do sell more, and offer most anything in the CK lineup to our customers.But one of the biggest things that we should mention is the consideration of the type torch cable you order. Unlike the Everlast line of torches, CK torches are sold independent of the cables, and independent of the connector.

Popular CK TIG torches worth considering - Part 2

CK is undoubtedly the finest TIG torch supplier and maker in the US, if not the world. It offers a full range of unequalled and innovative product.With the Flexloc currently being the most popular series of torches we sell through the CK Worldwide product line, the next most popular torch is the Trimline series, in particular, the Trimiline 26 TIG torch.

Popular CK TIG torches worth considering - Part 1

If you are in the market for a welder, or a new TIG torch, don’t forget that Everlast offers its own line of torches, including economy and premium line models. However, if you prefer the best possible line of torches to accompany your Everlast Power TIG welder, don’t forget that we offer a full line of CK Worldwide products. If you are having trouble deciding on what your next CK torch should be don’t worry.

TIG cup selection - Part 2

Everlast offers a variety of TIG kits, including gas lens kits for both main series of torches that include Tungsten, an assortment of gas lenses, collets, and cups. These are usually less than 60.00 and when properly cared for, will last a long time. One of the most recent popular cup selections are the stubby TIG kits. The stubby TIG kits allow the customer to adapt a 17, 18, or 26 series, to accept the 9 and 20 size cups.

TIG cup selection - Part 1

Since the early days of TIG, the standard selection of cups have been set. Even gas lens cups have been around a while now. The question remains though: Do I need to spend the extra money to get one? The simple answer is yes. Gas lens offer you the capability to improve the overall appearance and quality of the weld in many situations where gas coverage can be spotty or inconsistent.

More new units just around the bend - Part 4

If you’ve ever needed more TIG power in an AC/DC TIG welder, and have held off buying one because of the high cost of owning one, get ready for the new Power TIG 350EXT.This unit will soon be replacing the Power TIG 325EXT. This new unit will have similar design and features, but will now be capable of producing nearly 350 amps.

More new units just around the bend - Part 3

If you’ve noticed that some of the images and manuals on our site are just a little different looking, then you are observant.The desire for constant improvements has led to some significant internal and small external changes this year in many of the current models. Each unit may have a slightly different look.This is because we have made a shift toward digital control in many of our models.

More New units just around the bend - Part 2

Some units that have been around since 2009 are ready for a bow out to let better designed, more functional welders replace them.This year will see the phasing out of the Standard Power i-MIG 250, and 250P, and will give way to two new models, the Power i-MIG 235 and the Power i-MIG 250S.These two units will offer similar features found in other models, but at a performance level and price that puts them well under the competition.

More New units just around the bend - Part 1

Thought we had come out with all our new 2016 units? No, not yet. More are scheduled for release late in the first quarter of this year. If anyone had been to the Fabtech show in November, you might have seen them. If you did, did you take notice? We’ve got several new MIG units this year, designed to round out our line and offer greater power and duty cycle than ever before, along with a larger range of amps for the customer to decide upon.


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