More new units just around the bend - Part 3

If you’ve noticed that some of the images and manuals on our site are just a little different looking, then you are observant.The desire for constant improvements has led to some significant internal and small external changes this year in many of the current models. Each unit may have a slightly different look.This is because we have made a shift toward digital control in many of our models. This is a significant development, which we’ve mentioned before, but did not underscore the fact that it would not change the user experience noticeably from a standpoint of using the unit. The following TIG units have changed to Digital control: Power i-TIG 201 (former i-TIG 200), Power TIG 185DV, Power TIG 200DV (new version of 200DX), Power TIG 250EX, Power Pro 164Si, Power Pro 205Si, and Power Pro 256Si.These units still feature the analog style input, but now feature touch pad buttons, instead of the old rocker switch style. This helps the units in several ways. The first, is that the units now offer better control over the arc. The second is that with the new digital format, the units have less discreet circuitry, and offer a simplified internal design.The third, is that the design is modular, with many components offering a plug and play repair experience, allowing a customer to make a field repair if necessary.This will reduce repair times in our facilities as well. But, it will also be simpler to diagnose, enabling our technicians a greater ability to quickly pinpoint issues with the customer over the phone. Another benefit, is that if needed, the units can be completely reprogrammed without returning to the factory for updating, should it ever be needed.


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