More New units just around the bend - Part 2

Some units that have been around since 2009 are ready for a bow out to let better designed, more functional welders replace them.This year will see the phasing out of the Standard Power i-MIG 250, and 250P, and will give way to two new models, the Power i-MIG 235 and the Power i-MIG 250S.These two units will offer similar features found in other models, but at a performance level and price that puts them well under the competition. These new models will be more portable than the older 250 i-MIG units that they replace. This will help reduce shipping costs for the customer and will help alleviate any difficulty with return shipping if any service is needed.Now these units will be fully capable of handling a full sized roll of wire, up to 44 lbs, and 12 inches in diameter, and will feature heavy duty wire feeding mechanisms with a true 4 driven roll feeder, which replaces the older 4 roll, with 2 driven roll feeder of the older 250 models. These units will be shipped without wheels, since they are designed to be picked up by the handle and placed on a cart, table, or really anywhere that they need to be fitted.The 235 will have spot and stitch timer features, along with burn back and other controls, but the 250 unit will feature synergic operation capability. This will simplify setup, but if needed manual setup can always be selected. These new inverter MIG welders will also be digitally controlled whereas the older models featured an analog inverter design. Both will be spool gun capable and feature stick welding capability. If these units interest you, be on the lookout for these units. They will be here sooner than you think.


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