TIG cup selection - Part 2

Everlast offers a variety of TIG kits, including gas lens kits for both main series of torches that include Tungsten, an assortment of gas lenses, collets, and cups. These are usually less than 60.00 and when properly cared for, will last a long time. One of the most recent popular cup selections are the stubby TIG kits. The stubby TIG kits allow the customer to adapt a 17, 18, or 26 series, to accept the 9 and 20 size cups.

This has a two fold benefit. First, this allows the customer more flexibility in tight spaces. The difficulty in using a 17, 18 or 26 model is that they have a larger foot print and are not as easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The stubby kit develops a more compact profile in the head area and when working in corners and tight spots allows more room.

The second allows the customer to use a higher amperage air cooled torch (the 17 or 26) series, up to 200 amps without stepping up to the water cooler. This maintains flexibility of the torch lines, and reduces the operation cost of buying and maintaining a water cooler. The stubby adapter kit comes with a complete array of consumables and an adapter.

We are also offering a stubby gas lens kit which allow the customer to use a smaller gas lens as well, which prevents the issue of large or bulky gas lenses getting in the way while welding in sight limited circumstances.

Of course, Everlast does offer standard size kits, for both the 9/20 series, and the 17/18/26 series at a considerable saving over purchasing the items individually.

These kits give you a good sample to try and allows you to stock up on your most commonly used items. Each kit comes in a convenient plastic container to keep items organized and inventoried.


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