More New units just around the bend - Part 1

Thought we had come out with all our new 2016 units? No, not yet. More are scheduled for release late in the first quarter of this year. If anyone had been to the Fabtech show in November, you might have seen them. If you did, did you take notice? We’ve got several new MIG units this year, designed to round out our line and offer greater power and duty cycle than ever before, along with a larger range of amps for the customer to decide upon.

The newest MIG welders added to the Everlast line are the new 275 amp Power i-MIG welders. With two different versions to choose from, these two units feature a 50% duty cycle at 275 amps. Both the Power i-MIG 275S, and Power i-MIG 275P have MIG and Stick capability.

These units differ somewhat in features though, as the Power i-MIG 275S features digitally controlled manual and synergic adjustment of the wire speed and voltage. It also has spool gun capability when used with the Everlast optional spool guns. The Power i-MIG 275P features a single pulse MIG and a synergic adjustment mode. It also has the capability to run a push pull gun for those interested in aluminum MIG welding, particularly with pulse.

Don’t worry, though if you need pulse but only need to use a spool gun, the unit also supports the optional Everlast spool guns. Both units feature the usual bonus items you’ve come to expect on Everlast welders, like burn back control, and arc force control. However, both units feature memory with the capability to store up to 9 different favorite programs. These units support full 12” roll sizes, with a heavy duty 4 driven-roll feeder mechanism, but are portable and designed be carried around by the handle.

Don’t worry, these units are compact enough to fit on most welding carts and tables. These units are equipped to handle the heat associated with high duty cycle spray arc welding, with large 36KD series MIG guns.