More new units just around the bend - Part 4

If you’ve ever needed more TIG power in an AC/DC TIG welder, and have held off buying one because of the high cost of owning one, get ready for the new Power TIG 350EXT.This unit will soon be replacing the Power TIG 325EXT. This new unit will have similar design and features, but will now be capable of producing nearly 350 amps. This is 25 amps over the model it is replacing, which will help it improve the top end welding capability, allowing it to comfortably reach the next fractional jump in metal thickness.The improvement in output of the new model will allow it to be a true competitor of other 350 Amp inverter TIGs in its class, like the Miller Dynasty 350. Of course, price will be a distinguishing factor, with only a modest change in price from the current Power TIG 325EXT model. Just about all features and functions of the current 325EXT will be carried over, so there will not need to be any retraining or readjustment period if current users choose to upgrade to the new, more powerful model.Release date is expected sometime this year, but currently the product is still in the final stages of development and testing. Being based off a previously proven design, few issues are expected as this new model is rolled out to the public. As such, expect this unit to be the most tested model to date. Although an exact release date is not set, expect it in the first half of the year.But do not expect a full scale release until at least Mid-march. If you are interested in this new model, it is not too early to start preordering, if you want to get your hands on this new model as soon as they arrive.


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