The latest improvements on the Power MTS 251Si

Given its pre-2016 release last year, the Power MTS 251Si immediately began selling out, as a replacement for the previous model Power MTS 250S. It had many of the features, but also added in pulse and a new designed panel for increased function and capability. One of the main features was the addition of High Frequency start to the TIG function, making it the first in the industry to do so. However, the Early Power MTS 251Si MIG/TIG/Stick units did have a shortcoming that we remedied in the full release of the 2016 model year. The new Power MTS 251Si is now in a larger frame. The older Power MTS units, both the 211Si and the 251Si that were released in 2015 would only accommodate an 8” roll of wire. This was fine for the Power MTS 211 Si, as it was a good fit for a 200 amp MIG welder. But for a 250 amp MIG welder, having the capability of only holding a 8” spool of wire (10-12 lbs), it meant severely limiting the welding time and capability of the unit. So this year, the new 251Si models feature the ability to fit a full size 12” roll. This larger size case also allows us the room to fit a heavier duty wire feeder mechanism. The new feeder now features a total of 4 drive rolls. These are true gear driven rolls, with both top and bottom being positively driven. This change allows customers to feed larger wire diameters more securely without straining. If you are looking for a more capacity 3-in-1 welder and the Power MTS 211Si just seems too small, take a look at the new 251Si unit with increased capacity.Nothing as far as the controls or features have changed, so the popular features that made it sell out back in 2015 are still there.


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