Things to do before making your first weld - Part 2

Ok. Great! You’ve gotten your welder, and read and reread your manual right? No? Well, please go back and read the previous blog and read your manual. But even if you have read your manual, noted it and done everything we recommend to do, you are not quite yet ready to weld if you’ve ignored the safety section and neglected to put into action.

Knowing Your Metals, What Are You Welding With?

Mystery metal? Save yourself time and frustration by knowing your metals

Sooty Welds While Stick Welding

I’ve got a sooty weld. Help!If you’ve ever welded more than a half dozen times, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve encountered a common welding issue of a sooty weld. Sooty, dirty looking welds can be a caused by a multitude of things. A sooty weld from stick welding is somewhat normal, as long is it not caked on and is consistent. The soot should not be heavy unless you are welding galvanized material, in which case the arc may seem to be bright, and the residue, or soot left behind is white and yellow.

Everlast Power Equipment Technical Support, What You Need To Know

Getting the most out of our tech support department.One day you may be welding along fine and the next, the welder may not power up or the arc won’t strike for some reason. We hope that doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t happen often but it could possibly happen. We realize that this is the fear of every customer who purchases any kind of welding product from any manufacturer.

New Product Release, TIG Welder Power TIG 250 EX

New digitally controlled Power TIG 250 EX TIG welderAs always, Everlast is out to bring you the welding products you desire, and offer it to you at the best price possible. Since last year year we’ve gone to work to make some major improvements in all of our welding product line. We’ve improved quite a number of our products by utilizing digital control. The Power TIG line of TIG welders is included in the new model rollout just in time for the fall project season.

Plasma Cutters, How To Get A Cleaner Cut

Plasma cutting. A tip for cleaner cuts.Making a clean cut with a plasma cutter involves making sure everything is just right for the optimum cutting experience. But where do you start? What’s the most important thing to remember when trying to get a clean cut out of a plasma cutter? Making clean cuts with a plasma cutter starts with an ample supply of clean, dry air. It’s rather simple isn’t it? No? Of course not! If it was, you’d probably eliminate most issues with consumable wear, and jagged or beveled cuts.

Welding PSA - Welding Safety Tips

Another friendly reminder about welding safety.


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