New Welder? Things To Do To Prepare For Welding - Part 1

Things to do before making your first weld. 

Ok, so you’ve just bought yourself a new Everlast welder, right? Never welded before? Can’t wait to get started? Want to weld on everything as bad as a toddler wants to draw on everything with a new box of crayons? Well, hold on a minute, please. There are a few things you need to consider and do before you turn yourself loose. First, have you read the manual? Thoroughly, from cover to cover? If you haven’t then put the torch down, and go read it. Everlast offers the latest and most up to date versions of it’s manuals online here, at Be sure to print it out and keep it stored in a well-protected drawer so that it is accessible should you have any issues as time goes by. It’s a good idea to download this and read it before you get the machine, and read it again when the machine arrives so that you can apply the points in the manual directly to the welder. Be sure to highlight or circle anything you find useful as you read it so that you can come back to it and consult with it from time to time as needed. Each welder comes with a box pamphlet, but this is not meant to be the full manual, rather a rough start-up guide that is included at the factory. While it gives some of the basics, it does not usually detail everything you need to know to operate the welder. While you are at it, download your warranty statement and print out a copy to keep with the manual. Oh, and be sure to copy down the serial number and inspection date, and even print out the receipt which you should have received via email. This will not only be valuable to you should you have an issue with your welder (We hope not!), but also be good to have in case of an insurance claim from a natural disaster or a theft. You’d be surprised how relatively often a disaster or theft happens, and how often it is needed so the insurance will pay. 

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