Everlast Power Equipment Technical Support, What You Need To Know

Getting the most out of our tech support department.One day you may be welding along fine and the next, the welder may not power up or the arc won’t strike for some reason. We hope that doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t happen often but it could possibly happen. We realize that this is the fear of every customer who purchases any kind of welding product from any manufacturer. We are in the process of upgrading our technical support capabilities, and will soon have some announcements about our improved service to help our customers allay any fears and trepidation they may have about their purchase. However, for now, it’s important to understand what you need to get the most out of Everlast’s technical support should you ever have any questions or problems. First, remember that our technical support department is divided into two categories: Performance support, and actual technical repair help support. Performance support is designed to relieve the load off of technical support by offering information related to welding and cutting. This would be the first stop for man people, particularly if you aren’t sure if it’s you or the machine having an issue or there is a technical question about the machines limitations and any question about applications of the machine. Actual technical support helps to resolve verifiable issues with the machine. Tech support is geared toward helping a customer get going if possible without having to send the machine in for repair. So it’s best to have a few basic tools handy to perform elementary diagnostic tasks when you call in. Now this isn’t an absolute necessity, but it can help in some situations to prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime. If your welder or plasma cutter has an issue, make sure you have screw drivers handy to remove the cover if so instructed, some pliers, a small set of metric wrenches, and an inexpensive volt/ohm meter, which can usually be purchased for less than 12.00 or so at any box store. This will allow the tech to investigate the issue by proxy and help you to understand what may be going wrong as well.Everlast Power Equipment, your complete welding resourceLearn more on our welding forum


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