Welding PSA - Welding Safety Tips

Another friendly reminder about welding safety.

It’s just possible that you could get hurt today while welding or performing a welding related task. Everlast cares about this, so that is why we bring you these little mini “PSA’s” so that you will stay a healthy and well customer. We’ve reviewed and re-reviewed a lot of safety topics over the last few years, and one of them that has not gotten a lot of attention is the air pollution found in the welding environment. There are all sorts of nasty cancer causing things that are floating in the air when you are welding. Take time to read any Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) attached to any can or box of welding electrodes. It’s enough to make you want to update your will and life insurance policy. But seriously, there are many welders who end up with diseases like mesothelioma and forms of COPD due to neglecting the risks found in the welding environment. In serious, continuous duty environments where welding is happening all shift long, respirator’s are a must. Even if you are not, they are worth investigating as they will bring peace of mind. If you’ve never seen a welding respirator, do a search for it. Yes, they can be expensive, but they don’t have to be obtrusive and in the way. Respirators come in a variety of fits and fashions and many welding helmet manufactures design them to mate with and fit easily under the welding helmet, with the respirator pack clipping at your waistline, usually to a belt. Even if a full-fledged welding respirator isn’t in your future, you should consider at least some sort of breathing protection if you are in an enclosed environment or dealing with paint, or chemicals that may that the metal may have in contact with. For the hobbyist, it may be a disposable type respirator with charcoal and organic vapor protection or even a half mask respirator with replaceable cartridges. But whatever you choose, you should choose at least something as using nothing is not an option for health minded welders.

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