What Is The Best Welder For You?

What is your welding need?

If anyone could see far into the future, chances are, we would not make some of the purchase decisions we made today or yesterday. Wise investment purchases would be part of the changes we’d probably make, or at least I know I would. At Everlast we realize that not every person can see into the future. That’s one reason we try to help our customers before and after the sale to make sure the welder is best suited for the customer’s needs. A welder is a tool, and a tool is an investment. Figuring out if it is the best investment poses a lot of challenges. One way we try to help the customer to to do that is to offer a wide range of welders, some with overlapping features and capabilities, but each with a different subset of capabilities. This is to ensure the customer has the best options suited to his needs both now and in the future. We realize that spending 5000.00 on a TIG welder is out of the question for a good many of our customers. That’s one reason we offer much lower pricing which does make economic sense both now and in the future. But we also realize that customers appreciate having choices and being able to purchase a unit that will grow with him or her, so that a purchase does not need to be repeated a year or so from now because it doesn’t offer the features the customers will need in short order. Finding the right unit is not only part of your responsibility, it is part of ours as well. That’s why we offer by phone, pre-sale tech support and information to those that request it, and as much relevant information on our website everlastwelders.com. If you are in need of a MIG welder, but not sure if you need 140, 200, or even more amps, we can help you figure that out. Our experienced staff knows the questions we need to ask to help you and us determine which welder will best suit your present and future needs. People turn to us for answers to their welding and fabricating needs, and we try to provide the complete solution.

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