New Product Release, TIG Welder Power TIG 250 EX

New digitally controlled Power TIG 250 EX TIG welderAs always, Everlast is out to bring you the welding products you desire, and offer it to you at the best price possible. Since last year year we’ve gone to work to make some major improvements in all of our welding product line. We’ve improved quite a number of our products by utilizing digital control. The Power TIG line of TIG welders is included in the new model rollout just in time for the fall project season. One of the best-selling TIG welders in our product line is the Power TIG 250 EX and it has undergone some major internal revamping, and a minor facelift. Don’t worry. We know what people like about the unit and haven’t changed those things. It’s still very similar in function to the previous year’s model. Really, It’s been a reliable work-horse but we felt that in order to improve serviceability and performance on the PowerTIG 250EX, we needed to give it a digital control circuit. This allows the weight of the unit to be reduced, and reliability to be improved even by reducing discreet circuitry which requires many extra parts, wiring, plugs and boards. It’s also easier to repair than ever before because of it. Specification-wise, it is nearly identical to last year’s model. We’ve kept true to the Power TIG 250 EX’s loyal customer base and kept all the knobs and controls and rearranged just a few to improve the circuit layout. The only real specification change was a DECREASE in input amps, not only inrush amps, but also rated amps during both 1 and 3 phase operation. Not convinced yet? Consider this. Digital control offers more precise and repeatable settings. Even though the analog input and control boards in the past have been well liked, they didn’t offer very precise control over the parameters. Now, the digital control offers a tighter control over output and more precise adjustments, making it easier to set up and use correctly.Everlast Power Equipment, your TIG welding experts.Learn more on our welding forum