Popular CK TIG torches worth considering - Part 2

CK is undoubtedly the finest TIG torch supplier and maker in the US, if not the world. It offers a full range of unequalled and innovative product.With the Flexloc currently being the most popular series of torches we sell through the CK Worldwide product line, the next most popular torch is the Trimline series, in particular, the Trimiline 26 TIG torch. The Trimline 26 offers a reduced foot print over the standard 26 and most standard 17 series torches, while offering an ideal duty cycle and amp rating, for an air-cooled torch. Fitted with a stubby consumable kit, it is scarcely bigger than a standard 9 series gas-cooled (also referred to as air cooled) torch. This is popular mostly in a flex neck configuration so that people can have the ability to weld in tight or uncomfortable positions.The torch is quite light and doesn’t get as even as warm as most competitor’s standard 26 series 200 amp torches, thanks to better cooling passages and overall torch design and materials. This torch is available through any CK source, including Everlast. If you’d like to see it in action, there are numerous videos online that show this torch in action. If it were down to a decision of having just one torch, this is the torch that many people would choose. It really doesn’t compromise anything and when fitted with the smaller consumables is preferable to many over the lesser 9 series torch that only offers a practical limit of 125 amps.