Popular CK TIG torches worth considering - Part 1

If you are in the market for a welder, or a new TIG torch, don’t forget that Everlast offers its own line of torches, including economy and premium line models. However, if you prefer the best possible line of torches to accompany your Everlast Power TIG welder, don’t forget that we offer a full line of CK Worldwide products. If you are having trouble deciding on what your next CK torch should be don’t worry. We are here to guide and help you should you need help in deciding. To help you narrow things down, here are a few torches that are quite popular among our current Everlast customers.One of the fist units is the Flex-loc series of torches. In fact, this is probably the most popular series. The CK Flex-loc offers un-paralleled flexibility and rotation of the torch head. It also includes a slight offset in the torch head which allows you to have superior visibility and reach in corners and in crazy angles.The torch head can literally rotate 360 degrees due to its design. Common are the FL 150 and FL 230 torches due to their amperage capability. 1XX Flex loc torches are air cooled. 2XX torches are water cooled.They are available as the FL 130, FL 150, FL 230, and FL 250. The consumables for the FL 130, 230 are the same as the 9/20 series, and the consumables for the 150 and 250 are the same as the 17/18/26 series. So, there is no need to worry about compatibility between torches and brands.


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