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Common welding related questions we hear. Part 9

Question 7 for the month, regarding common welding related questions: What is the best way to learn to weld? Can I learn on my own? To be able to answer that, you really need to know for yourself, what kind of learner you are. Before deciding on jumping in and trying to learn on your own, you should evaluate your learning strengths and weaknesses. By this I mean, how do you learn? Are you visual? Are you hand on?

Common welding related questions we hear. Part 8

Question 6 for this month: Do I weave or not weave? A lot of modern welding material frowns upon any manipulation of the welding rod while making a pass. These texts refer to using stringer beads to make welds, particularly in the stick and MIG welding processes. Yet, if you go back a few years, you’ll find many texts teaching correct weaving and rod manipulation techniques. Notice the emphasis on “correct”! There are right ways to weave and wrong ways obviously.

Common welding related questions we hear. Part 7

More so now than in the past, there is renewed interest in DC TIG welding of aluminum. Without a doubt, a quick online search will yield dozens of forum threads, and videos documenting this practice. You’ll see both DC negative and DC positive used, and with highly variable results. Is it possible to weld with DC? Yes, of course. Early forms of TIG welding before HF stabilized AC current was used, employed DC only welding.

Common welding related questions that we hear. Part 6

New customers always are curious about what they need to weld aluminum. MIG is one of the best solutions outside of AC TIG, of course, as it offers speed and economy. But in many situations, MIG is not practical, nor is TIG, so another process must be found to handle certain repairs and fabrication projects, particularly if they are out in the open where breezes prevail. In this case, stick welding would make a viable choice.

Common welding related questions that we hear. Part 5

Question 5 for the month revolves around customers trying to find the one unit that can do everything without spending major money: What do I need to weld aluminum? Can I do it with DC TIG, MIG or Stick? The answer to all three processes is Yes! But to clarify further, all processes above are valid ways to weld aluminum, but not all are practical.

Common welding related questions that we hear. Part4

A fourth, but rather common question that we hear, usually before the sale, is how long will these new inverter welders last compared to a transformer? The truthful answer is: No one knows really. But let’s get something straight about that question. Inverters in the welding industry are not new and are basically reliable. They’ve been around for 30 years or so. Many of them are still around. Bur even so, you will always hear stories of a transformer welder sitting in the corner of some garage or barn that has been running since the 1950’s…or earlier.

Common welding related questions that we hear. Part 3

Question 3 about our company and the welding industry in general is rather a broad question: There are a lot of different import welder brands out there, aren’t yours just the same and come from the same company in China?  You are just a reseller of off-the-shelf product aren’t you? Answer: No. The truth is there are a lot of import companies operating out there, many direct shipping welders direct from the factory in multiple names and colors.

Common welding related questions for that we hear. Part 2

Continuing with our list of common questions about our product and welding in general, the second question we commonly receive is: How long has Everlast been in business?  In the grand scheme of welding history, not long. But if you consider the fact that we were founded in 2004, well, to date that makes 12 years. While that certainly is not as long as other companies in the welder manufacturing business, it is long enough to have establish a significant toe hold in the industry, and definitely long enough for us to set trends.

Common welding related questions that we hear. Part 1

At Everlast, we get a lot of questions about our product and about welding in general. Many come up quite often and are asked over and over. Often, they are quite simple, some are more advanced.  
Before, we’ve opened up and discussed some of them. Over the next few set of blogs, we will take a look at the most common questions we have about welding and our products.

These questions hopefully will answer some of your own, whether you are a beginner or an budding professional as they will cover basic and more complex questions.

Everlast TIG kits

Many of you may not know that Everlast is offering several ready- to-go consumable kits for their TIG welding line.  It is something that we’ve had for a while now, but probably has been under advertised.  These TIG kits are professional quality, offering a wide assortment of cups, collets, collet bodies, and even tungsten.  They also include a couple of back caps of varying lengths.   Both sizes (legacy series 2 and series 3), the 9 and 20 sizes, and the 17, 18, 26 sizes, have kits available.   For the 17/18/26 sizes, we offer a stubby consumable kit.  This kit allows the user to adapt the


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