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The basic but valuable welding skills learned in stick welding. Part 3

While learning to stick weld, the most common issue that people have is learning to maintain a proper angle, or rather we should say proper angles, because there are multiple angles to be considered when holding an electrode.   When stick welding, the reference point when discussing angles is perpendicular to the metal, or a 90 degree angle.  For example, in stick welding the electrode should be held at a 10 degree angle to the direction of travel.

The basic but valuable welding skills learned in stick welding. Part 2

In stick welding, there are multiple critical things that are going on at the same time that you eventually learn to pay attention to without thinking twice about it.  But at first it may be like patting your head and rubbing your stomach if you are not coordinated or not used to doing several different things involving manipulation and concentration at the same.  It’s not something to be concerned about though, as practice will eventually help bring all these things into focus at the same time and it will become second nature.

The basic but valuable welding skills learned in stick welding. Part 1

If you are learning to weld, and wish to master all disciplines of welding eventually, you will probably want to begin with one process, and learn it before proceeding to the other disciplines. If you are wanting to do this, then consider learning to Stick weld first. There are a lot of people who would like to ignore this facet of welding, but being able to stick weld is a not an outdated process and is not going anywhere for some time to come as it still excels in providing economy, portability, versatility and capability.

How to learn to weld by yourself. Part 5

Selecting a process to learn.

Earlier, we did mention the fact that some people want to learn oxy fuel welding. Most people are quite intimidated by an Oxy-fuel torch setup. There’s volatile, explosive pressurized gas, knobs everywhere at finger’s reach, hot flame continuously shooting out, and a quite heavy torch apparatus that must be kept under control at all times (to prevent catching everything on fire). Quite a few people do eventually buy one, even if they reluctantly do so.

How to learn to weld by yourself. Part 4

Selecting a process to learn.

TIG welding is often the process that you see depicted in these custom car and Bike “Build-it” programs. Often it is a brief glamourous shot of if it that makes those wanting to weld drool in envy. But in reality, TIG welding is seldom the process a new welder should want to start out learning. It is by far the hardest to learn, and just as hard to master. Technique and skill in TIG welding requires lots of patience, practice, and natural ability.

How to learn to weld by yourself. Part 2

Selecting a process to learn

Ok, so you want to weld? Have you identified what type of welding you want to pursuit first? No? Well if you haven’t, you need to. Not all welding is the same or uses the same techniques. Though some skills are transferable between the different welding disciplines there a special skills and equipment you’ll need for each type of welding you will do, whether it is MIG, TIG, Stick or even oxy-fuel welding.


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