How to learn to weld by yourself. Part 4

Selecting a process to learn.

TIG welding is often the process that you see depicted in these custom car and Bike “Build-it” programs. Often it is a brief glamourous shot of if it that makes those wanting to weld drool in envy. But in reality, TIG welding is seldom the process a new welder should want to start out learning. It is by far the hardest to learn, and just as hard to master. Technique and skill in TIG welding requires lots of patience, practice, and natural ability.

To be honest, from my experience, more people abandon learning to weld because they start trying to TIG before learning any other welding discipline. That’s because they are quickly discouraged by the fact that they don’t have an instant skill set that they need to make the weld results look super perfect the way they do on TV or in videos.

There are those that do try TIG first and stick with it and they make decent welders, but are often afraid to learn a new technique or welding discipline as it may seem to be a step down in skill, or level of technique in their mind and they don’t want to learn anything else as a result. If you do decide that TIG is your welding skill that you have decided to pursuit, keep your mind open to learning the other disciplines of welding. They each have their place that they shine. One welding discipline is not inferior to the other


Learning is the way toward obtaining new or altering existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, qualities, or inclinations. Some learning is prompt, incited by a solitary occasion, yet much expertise and write my assignment information amasses from rehashed encounters.

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That’s because they are quickly discouraged by the fact that they don’t have an instant skill set that they need to make the weld results look super perfect the way they do on TV or in videos. moto x3m 4 online game.

The most extensively used procedure of welding is electronic arc welding, in which an electric arc dissolves a conductor and partially dissolves the base metal.

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It is by a wide margin the hardest to learn, and similarly as difficult to ace. welding discipline as it might appear to be a stage down in ability, or Assignment Writing Service level of method in their brain and they would prefer not to get the hang of whatever else subsequently.

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