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Eye Protection in Welding:

1). Spectacles, helmets, hand shields, or additional suitable eye guard having the good lens shade for the work being completed shall be damaged through all welding or cutting operations.

2). Spectacles, helmets, and hand shields shall be checked regularly. Equipment with light leaks shall not be damaged, as radiation burns will result. Cracked, broken, or loose filter plates have to be replaced without delay.

Arc Welding Safety:

The procedure of arc welding poses more than a few potential hazards that have to be protected against. So, all information connecting to the safe process of welding equipment and welding process have to be completely understood previous to attempting to start work.

Eye Protection and Arc Rays:


Plasma gouging is another use of plasma cutters; it is not widely used but has the some characteristics which are similar to plasma arc cutters. It is similar to plasma arc equipment and has power source, gas supply, torch and consumables. It is used to weld the metals and also used to remove the welded parts; the different gouging techniques used are straight, weaving and side gouge. The four welding gouging methods used are plasma arc, mechanical, air carbon and oxy fuel gouging; plasma arc gouging is widely used because of its low noise level and portability.

Plasma Cutter maintenance:

The following points are maintenance care can help you to avoid the mistakes when using the plasma cutters.

Replace Consumable Parts as required:
The important one is replace the consumable parts of plasma cutter in regular basis or if required, unless all the parts may be damaged because of those parts.

Details about stud welders

There are actually many different applications involved with welding although many people believe that there is only one basic application. Stud welding process where a bolt or formed nut is welded onto another metal piece is one of such areas. During the process, the stud welding equipment would automatically feed the bolts into the spot welder.

Diesel generators the silent killers of power failures

Electricity has become essential in life. The world gets stunned if there is failure of power supply for long hours. Industries the backbone of countries development needs regular power supply to produce their products. Diesel Generators the alternative for electricity has made a tremendous change in industries. It eliminates shut down and power failures in industries and the combustion rate of diesel generators is less than the generators which run by petrol.

Working Process of Plasma Cutters:

There’s probably no metal cutting tool that compares to the plasma cutter. Plasma cutters are the tools to use when you need to cut metal in a clean and exact pattern. It’s probably the closest thing we’ve got to the laser!


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