Plasma gouging is another use of plasma cutters; it is not widely used but has the some characteristics which are similar to plasma arc cutters. It is similar to plasma arc equipment and has power source, gas supply, torch and consumables. It is used to weld the metals and also used to remove the welded parts; the different gouging techniques used are straight, weaving and side gouge. The four welding gouging methods used are plasma arc, mechanical, air carbon and oxy fuel gouging; plasma arc gouging is widely used because of its low noise level and portability. Welding defects such as cracks and porosity can be easily removed using plasma gouging and it is widely used in many industrial applications from heavy equipment manufacturing to ship building. Plasma cutting and plasma gouging can be performed in the same plasma cutter equipment. It can be widely used to remove welding defects and disassemble the welded structures.


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