Plasma Cutter maintenance:

The following points are maintenance care can help you to avoid the mistakes when using the plasma cutters.

Replace Consumable Parts as required:
The important one is replace the consumable parts of plasma cutter in regular basis or if required, unless all the parts may be damaged because of those parts.

Correctly Assemble the Torch:
The plasma torch is support long life when it is assembled in correct manner. And also the proper maintenance only gives long life of the plasma torch.

Use the right Parts for the Job:
If you are using the wrong consumable then it can lead to low cut quality and loss of years in the life span of the consumables. So use the rights parts to your plasma cutters.

Ensure appropriate Gas and Coolant Flow:
Check the gas flow and pressure of coolant daily. Not enough flow will guide to decrease of the life span of the consumables as they will no longer efficiently chill the consumables. Surplus gas pressure leads to hard starting.

Clean the Torch regularly:
It is very important to keep cleaning the plasma cutter torch frequently. Even signs of pollution are supposed to be eradicating at once. Torch threads must be reserved crystal clean, this comprise both outside and inside threads. Hydrogen peroxide is a great chemical to maintain your torch dirt free.