Details about stud welders

There are actually many different applications involved with welding although many people believe that there is only one basic application. Stud welding process where a bolt or formed nut is welded onto another metal piece is one of such areas. During the process, the stud welding equipment would automatically feed the bolts into the spot welder.

In the stud welding or arc stud welding, the stud is joined to a flat plate by using it as an electrode. The type of the metal used would determine the polarity that is chosen for the particular stud welding application. Capacitor-discharge welding is one particular type of stud welding which differs from traditional stud welding in that it does not require flux. The welding time would be between 1 and 6 milliseconds and the process uses a direct-current arc from the capacitor.

Weld studs: The stud welders use studs which are between 14 gauge to 3/8” diameter, and are discharged from capacitors.

Arc studs: these are unique studs that form an integral part of stud welding equipment which ranges from a #8 up to a 1 1/4" diameter stud. They are usually loaded with an aluminum flux ball on the weld end, which helps to promote the welding process.


Welding is a very powerful method. The welded things stay for ever. The procedure of the stud welding or arc stud welding is mentioned along ecommerce platforms with the page. The welding is dangerous for the welder, so they should take all the safety precautions.