Everlast TIG kits

Many of you may not know that Everlast is offering several ready- to-go consumable kits for their TIG welding line.  It is something that we’ve had for a while now, but probably has been under advertised.  These TIG kits are professional quality, offering a wide assortment of cups, collets, collet bodies, and even tungsten.  They also include a couple of back caps of varying lengths.   Both sizes (legacy series 2 and series 3), the 9 and 20 sizes, and the 17, 18, 26 sizes, have kits available.   For the 17/18/26 sizes, we offer a stubby consumable kit.  This kit allows the user to adapt the standard torch head to accept the smaller size consumables.

This in effect, reduces the foot print of the torch and makes it easier to use in tight quarters.  The consumables that are included in this kit also are the same size as the smaller 9 and 20 series torch, so in the future the cups and collets can be interchanged.   We also have gas lens kits for both series sizes.  Of course we have the standard sized kits as well.

These don’t include just one cup, collet, and collet body, they include a full assortment.   What should be emphasized is that each kit also comes with Tungsten.  The tungsten provided in each kit begins with 1/16” and goes to 1/8” in both lanthanated and Ceriated for a total of 8 pieces.  This alone makes the kit valuable, especially for customers wanting to experiment with different types of tungsten. The kits range in price, but no kit is over 60.00. Compare to other kits on the market, you’ll find that these are well priced for what is included.


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