Common welding related questions that we hear. Part 1

At Everlast, we get a lot of questions about our product and about welding in general. Many come up quite often and are asked over and over. Often, they are quite simple, some are more advanced.  
Before, we’ve opened up and discussed some of them. Over the next few set of blogs, we will take a look at the most common questions we have about welding and our products.

These questions hopefully will answer some of your own, whether you are a beginner or an budding professional as they will cover basic and more complex questions.

These are in no particular order according to importance, but more so ordered according to frequency of the questions that we receive.

Question 1: I have heard you units don’t come equipped with standard power plugs. Do your welders come with power cords and plugs?  Answer:  Yes, they all come with power cords. No, they all don’t come with plugs. BUT, with the exception of a couple of MOSFET based entry level welders and plasma cutters, all Everlast single phase products come with the standard power plug that is equipped on almost all welders sold in the United States and Canada. For 240V units this is the NEMA 6-50P welder plug. It is a three prong plug, not a four prong NEMA 14-50 that you’d find on household appliances.

This is because a 240V welder does not use a neutral wire, only 2 power legs, and one ground. For Dual voltage units, most all come with a 240V to 120Vplug.  For 120V only units, such as our Power I MIG 140E it comes with a standard 15 amp 120V plug that you’d commonly find in your wall outlet in the US and Canada.  For units with dual voltage, dual phase capability, it is impossible to put a plug on the end of the power cable.  Yes, there is a power cable, but no plug. This is a standard industry practice and is not unique to Everlast.