Common welding related questions for that we hear. Part 2

Continuing with our list of common questions about our product and welding in general, the second question we commonly receive is: How long has Everlast been in business?  In the grand scheme of welding history, not long. But if you consider the fact that we were founded in 2004, well, to date that makes 12 years. While that certainly is not as long as other companies in the welder manufacturing business, it is long enough to have establish a significant toe hold in the industry, and definitely long enough for us to set trends.

Everlast focuses on listening to its customers and responding to needs that are expressed in the development of product.

We are small by comparison to companies like Miller or Lincoln, but they are closely following what we do as they have introduced product several times that mirror our own several years after we have released it. For a comparison, the latest rush is to have compact inverter MIG, TIG stick units on the market was initiated by us back in late 2009. It was several years before the other companies would acknowledge the need for such a product, but we stayed with our development and evolution of our PowerMTS MIG, TIG, Stick welders. Just now you are just seeing an earnest attempt to produce the same type “early” units that we originally brought to market in 2010 by the major companies.

We are offering features now on these units that have no rival, like HF start for TIG, and built in solenoid for TIG gas control, along with a foot pedal.