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Cyclone 200E

5 year
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SKU: Power-i-MIG-200E
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Dimensions: 18 in × 9 in × 13 in
Weight: 30 lb
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Cyclone 200E
Cyclone 200E
Cyclone 200E
Cyclone 200E
Cyclone 200E

The Cyclone 200E has been designed with simplicity of use in mind. The new Powerset mode eliminates the guess work required when setting up the machine.  No longer do you need to refer to charts, apps, or need years of experience to set the unit up.  It simply does it for you.  All you need to know is the gas type, wire diameter and metal thickness that  you are welding.  Select that on the front panel, and you have instant settings that give you a workable setting.  Now, with that said, you won't feel limited by that setting, if you need to make adjustments.  The unit allows plenty of adjustment room, without letting you go too far off track.   If you are a seasoned professional, of course, the unit also has a manual mode.  This unit has "economy" in mind as it offers just the MIG process with 180A of output at 25% duty cycle. This is more than enough for your small garage or shop, and still  as good as or better than the duty cycle of many other 200A class welders on the market.  With Dual voltage operation capability, the small frame of the Cyclone 200E allows you to be completely portable and weld up to 125A on 120V output.

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