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PowerPlasma 50S

PowerPlasma 50S Main Front View with revised panel
5 year
High Output
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$859.00 You Save - $172.00
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PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S
PowerPlasma 50S

When you consider intial cost, and long term operating costs, the all new PowerPlasma 50S is certainly one of the best performing IGBT plasma cutters on the market.   Able to regularly cut over 1/2", and able to severe almost 1" thick steel,  the PowerPlasma 50 offers plenty of capability for the average small fab shop or hobbyist.  The small size lends itself well to portabilty and is a real space saver in the shop or service truck.  The new generation of Everlast PowerPlasma 50S features the Italian designed iPT 60 torch.  This is an improvement over the older series of torches.  Don't let the similarities in the torches fool you.  The new iPT 560 torch offers improved consumable life, and a broader range of consumables.  The new tip saver function will also help to limit Pilot arc time and extend consumable life.  If you are looking for a good performer in a light industrial setting, without spending well over $1000.00, the PowerPlasma 50S will not dissapoint.  CNC port is also now standard on this unit.

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