Guide To Choose IGBT Welding Machines


Welding machines are used to fuse metals and other materials. There are many types of welding machines and welding processes. IGBT welding machines are the latest in the field. They are the most recent, having been around only since the 1980s. So their design is the latest.

IGBT stands for Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a semiconductor device. It is very efficient and it is known to switching fast. It is used in many household appliances like the refrigerator, high tech stereos, electric cars and other energy efficient cars. Generally the welding supply unit is simple, but the IGBT welding machines are quite complicated in the inside. These welding machines can handle high loads of arc welding. They are called inverter welding units.

The way these welding machines work is that they convert utility power to high voltage and then store them in a capacitor bank. This is then switched into a second transformer by a microprocessor controller as required to produce the necessary welding current. There is a digital display unit and it is very user friendly. The digital display is very useful to the welder. These high frequency inverter based welding machines are more efficient and have more control than the non-inerter based welding machines. The structure consists of a bipolar transistor, a gate and a power transistor. All these control the energy in the machine.

The IGBT welding machines have controller software which will do the work of pulsing the welding current, automatic spot welding etc. This will prove to be expensive in a transformer based machine but can easily be done with a software controlled inverter machine.

IGBT welding machines can be very useful as they give power that can be used for different welding processes. You can have an option of using different types of current or amperage. Processes like TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding or MMA or Manual Metal Arc welding can be done. AC or DC current TIG welding machine can be used. A variety of materials like stainless steel, carbon steel and copper can be welded.

You can get portable models which will be convenient to take wherever you need to do welding. Take care of the safety procedures and make sure that the cable is of the right length, so that it is not hazardous to the welder and the others in the vicinity.

Their weight is generally about thirty five to fifty five pounds. They are also quite expensive. They work very efficiently and can save a lot of money. You can also bargain and get a lower price.

These automated welding machines are very efficient and cost saving. They are useful in small and large companies where welding has to be done. So their design is the latest. So, if you go in for IGBT welding machines, you will be going for the latest in welding machines.

Care should be taken while choosing IGBT welding machines. You will have to spend a lot of money and it will definitely be useful. To get the best, you should know how it functions, search the internet and go to the shops to research about the IGBT welding machines. Then you should choose the one that suits your needs. Since it can be interfaced to a computer and you can get the work automated, it will be of great use in all types of welding processes.