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Welcome to our site

Welcome to our website!  If Everlast is a new name to you, or you are curious about our product line, we hope that you find this site helpful.  Our site is designed to give you rapid and easy access to the welding or generating product you want.  If you need more detailed information about Everlast as a company or its policies, you will find additional information under the "About Us" tab and the "FAQ'"s  just above the navigation bar.  Now, If you are looking for a brief overview of who we are, continue reading below.

As a rapidly growing supplier of welding equipment to the welding industry, Everlast has sought to provide both economy and performance in every welder and plasma cutter it makes. Over the last 10 years,  we've sought to improve product design and service as our customer base has grown.  Everlast is a company that is wholly owned and located in the United States with distribution and facilities in California.  We manufacture our product line overseas in China with direct supervisory control and presence in the factories overseeing details of the manufacturing process.  If this is of concern, we understand, but this is not something new, as all US based welder companies are currently manufacturing their product line or sub assemblies or components overseas or out of the country and at best are using a label "assembled in the USA" to indicate that the product's internals are no longer primarily US made.   We've just managed to create a smarter company and pricing structure that goes against traditional marketing and eliminates internal wastes and profit margins that end up costing you thousands more for a similar product.  

As our market has grown, Everlast has expanded with distributorship on 6 continents.  This is a sign of our commitment to the long term goals and visions of our company and product line.  Our industry leading 5 year standard warranty, and our 30 day satisfaction policy are there to give you peace of mind for the long run.   Professionals and hobbyists all over the US are finding that our products are sound solutions to their welding and plasma cutting needs.  We think you will too.