X-ray welding

X-ray welding is one of the latest advances in welding technology. Just like the laser beam welding and the electron beam welding, in this type of welding, the thermal heat that is required for the weld is produced with the use of a focused high powered X-ray beam. This high powered beam will initiate a localized melting of the metal that will form the weld once it is cooled down. This process like the electron welding and laser welding again increases stability and is extremely fast. Also the accuracy of the weld is tremendously increased due to the high focus of the beam. However, this shares a common limitation. If the energy is not enough for the beam to penetrate the metal then it would form a molten pool of the metal on the surface. To overcome this, most often, a keyhole is formed in the joint that would let the heat penetrate the metal of the joint.


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