Welding Gun (MIG):

The mig welding gun or torch is what creates a MIG welder a MIG.

MIG welder serves the following necessary purposes:

1. MIG welder feeds the cable (wire) to the weld.
2. MIG welder delivers the electrical current to the weld.
3. MIG welder delivers the gas to the weld.
4. MIG welder insulates the machinist from the electrical arc.

The major advantage is that it lets you weld continuously, compared to arc welding or stick welding where you contain to stop and replace electrodes all the occasion. There is not anything worse than having to stop to alter rods the entire instance, particularly when you are in an uncomfortable position.

Welding Gun Consumables:

There are consumables that are used on a welding gun. In excess of time some parts will wear away as of also use or abuse.The parts that wear away the majority are the contact instructions and welding needle. These parts are the ones that you will be buying the majority. Following that the tip holders, diffusers, insulators and liners will be put back fewer often.After that depending on how much abuse your gun gets, you will know manually replace the "goose neck" or "swan neck" of the welding torch. Frequently the trigger, the plastic grip of the welding torch and the wire itself gets scratched from abuse as well.


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