Midyear Everlast Welding Machine Product Releases. New PowerPro 256Si and 205Si

As a fast growing welding company, Everlast Power Equipment has sought to improve its quality and reliability over the whole fleet of welders and plasma cutters. It is no different with the mid year successors to the Power Pro 256S and Power Pro 205S. Often these units have been a source of internet forum discussion with sharply polarized viewpoints over the reliability, design and purpose of these AC/DC TIG/Stick/Plasma units. The new midyear Power Pro 256Si and the Power Pro 205Si are definitely improved models over previous incarnations of these type units. Though features haven’t greatly changed as far as look and appearance, the internals have. These units still feature analog input with the same basic control setup, but will feature LED indicators and touch buttons in lieu of the old type rocker switches for function and process selections. The analog knobs will be coupled to a digital control board which will improve reliability by reducing the amount of complex circuitry and swirling wires needed to operate two separate inverters in the same package from the control boards. The design will also make the internal parts more modular, helping to reduce long term repair costs and improve parts commonality between the two units. Overall both units also receive a new torch option, with the newer PT60 torches available for upgrade. In case you haven’t heard these torches are longer lived and cleaner cutting than their predecessors. Customers will find that this new torch is not only more powerful, it also has improved torch safety with the addition of a trigger guard which protects from accidental firing of the torch.

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