Inverter Welders, The Everlast Revolution - Part 1

Inverter Welders, why we exclusively focus on inverter welder technology.

Some of you may have noticed that while Everlast has been selling exclusively inverter based welding machines that the rest of the industry has been reluctant ( or should we say slow?) to fully integrate inverter technology across their lineups. Since our beginning, we’ve focused solely on inverter technology. Admittedly we’ve come a long way in not only our TIG welding machines, but also in our MIG welders and Stick welders also. We’ve also only ever offered inverter based plasma cutters. Of course, we had no prior lines to covert or update so we were able to start out with a clean slate. It’s not all been peaches and roses though as early MOSFET based units gave us and our customers issues. Once we transitioned to IGBT technology and began to use a much more capable factory for our production, these problems faded quite quickly. MOSFET units had their place and still are fine welders, but there are inherent issues with MOSFETS that don’t lend themselves as well to rugged use and require a lot more careful and expensive designs to make them last. I’ve often described MOSFET inverters as a “Thorough Bred” race horse, and likened IGBT based inverters as “Quarter Horses”. Of course, we’ve learned our lessons fromour experience. And likely that’s a reason other companies have refused to offer, lower priced entry level inverters that can compete with old, easy to produce transformer designs as the price of tuition to the school of hard knocks is quite high. But recently, you can find multiple new offerings in the inverter class of machines aimed not only at the professional user, but also aimed at the amateur D.I.Y users.

Everlast Power Equipment, you inverter welder technology.

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