Inspecting your Everlast welder or plasma cutter upon arrival

Depending upon where you live in the USA, your new Everlast Plasma cutter, MIG, TIG or stick welder will usually take no more than 6 or 7 days to reach you, unless it has been back ordered. Whatever the length of time it takes, follow your tracking number. Usually it will provide you an accurate date of delivery. You should be present to accept the delivery in person. If you cannot be there in person, have a friend or relative you trust be there in person to take delivery of the product. Once receiving the product, check the outside of the package for major damage. This should happen before your delivery driver leaves to take note of any possible damage. A rounded corner or a scrape or two shouldn’t be of major concern. However, if any side or corner is collapsed or pierced, you should immediately tell your delivery driver. Once the external inspection is completed, you’ll want to open it immediately and pull it out and visually inspect everything. Don’t allow the box to sit uninspected for several days before opening it. Everlast’s 30 day satisfaction policy allows you to send the unit back with shipping covered if there is a major issue with damage or with the Everlast welder. Be sure to plug it in and test all functions. This is important and a time conscious matter. If some unseen reason comes up where you cannot test the unit for a while or several days, be sure to call Everlast and inform them of the situation. Usually something can be worked out.